Intellectual Property Practice

The intellectual property rights of any business represent an important and increasingly vital part of its assets. We provide comprehensive advice and assistance on the most appropriate and cost-effective way to protect and exploit such rights, always with the aim of improving the competitive edge of our clients.

Our Intellectual Property Unit delivers tailor-made services peculiar to each client’s needs. Our attention to detail, our insight and foresight have helped to effectively and efficiently guide our client’s interests throughout the lifespan of their IP rights.

We offer a full range of IP services ranging from Prosecution and Enforcement of Trademarks, Patent and Designs rights, to conducting IP Due Diligence & audits, preparation of franchise and licensing options, as well as product registration with NAFDAC. We also assist in filings in Ghana, OAPI, and ARIPO countries.

In instances of breach of these rights, our affiliated ‘anti-counterfeiting’ practice involves conducting investigations and working with the relevant agencies of the government to prosecute offenders and remove the offending marks or products from circulation and from use or from the market, and by further providing ‘watch-service’ to our clients, which involves being on the lookout for offending marks both in the marketplace and in trademark journals.

We are members of notable intellectual property organizations such as the International Trademark Organization (INTA) and International Trademark Administrators (ITMA).